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Journey to Psychological Wellness, LLC

1005 Brookside Rd., Suite 80

Allentown, PA 18106

Your Journey to Psychological Wellness Starts Here


Providing Therapy for Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Families

Journey to Psychological Wellness, LLC is privileged to have the opportunity to take this journey with you in working towards optimal growth by developing awareness and creating effective change so you feel fulfilled.

We understand searching for the right provider can be overwhelming. It is extremely important you feel comfortable in the setting and with the professional you are working with in order to make optimal progress in treatment. We created a serene and nurturing environment to help you feel more relaxed. 

What Can We Provide

We are experienced and personable professionals who strive to provide comprehensive and quality care to help our clients work towards optimal emotional, social, academic, and/or behavioral well-being. We don't provide just "talk therapy". We focus on helping you to grow by capitalizing on your strengths and helping you to understand the maladaptive behaviors that are impeding your ability to feel fulfilled with yourself and/or relationships. We will teach you "tools" that you can use in your everyday life to help you cope with areas that may be more challenging so that you can feel successful in life. We also believe that honesty, motivation for treatment and comfort with your provider are essential components for effective treatment.

At the core of the practice is the principal of developing a trustworthy relationship in a warm, nonjudgmental and supportive environment. This assists with fostering open communication so you can work towards personal growth by addressing situations, behaviors, thoughts, and/or feelings that are currently impeding your ability to feel fulfilled with yourself and in relationships, school, and/or work.

How Can We Help

We are no stranger to dedication and commitment. We are willing to go the extra mile in providing the most comprehensive treatment, which is why we offer several services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our practice is based on the belief that your needs are of the utmost importance. We will select treatment(s) based on what will fulfill your needs so you can work towards optimal growth in treatment.

We not only provide thorough care in session by identifying the most appropriate type of treatment(s), but also believe that collaboration with physicians and school personnel is instrumental to providing effective care. 

Services Provided

  • Individual Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults
  • Family Therapy
  • School Consultations and/or Observations
  • Parent Education

Please view the About Us page to learn more.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call us in Allentown, Pennsylvania.