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Journey to Psychological Wellness, LLC

1005 Brookside Rd., Suite 80

Allentown, PA 18106

Dr. Danielle Goodwin, Owner

 Licensed Clinical Psychologist  | Certified School Psychologist 

Specializing in Psychological/Psychoeducational Testing

(Currently Not Offering Services to Administer Testing)


Psychological Evaluation for Children, 

Adolescents and Adults

Psychological testing can assist with identifying strengths so that parents, teachers, and/or therapists can build upon his/her strengths. Testing can also assist with diagnostic clarification so that a treatment plan can be developed that focuses on each individual's specific needs and/or assist with identifying appropriate accommodations for the school setting. Comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational testing can be conducted to assess for:

  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Gifted Intellectual Ability
  • Learning Disabilities

Interventions for ADHD 

  • Learn behavioral strategies to assist with improving organizational skills, time management, and sustaining attention. 

  • Learn strategies to assist with refraining from impulsive behaviors, manage hyperactivity and complete tasks.

  • Interventions may also be utilized to assist with Working Memory challenges.

  • Learn study skills, based on your learning styles and needs.

  • Parent Management Training may be utilized to assist with managing behavioral issues and  completing homework.
  • Collaboration with school to identify how to best assist your child in the classroom setting.

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