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1005 Brookside Rd.

Suite 80

Allentown, PA 18106

Journey to Psychological Wellness, LLC

Dr. Danielle Goodwin, Clinical Director 

 Licensed Clinical Psychologist  | Certified School Psychologist 

                                         To our Valued Customers and Families: 

We want to assure you we are here to provide services to you during this difficult time to assist with meeting your psychological needs. We are offering services via two way audio and video teletherapy on our HIPAA compliant portal or in person.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are in need of services. Warm wishes to you and your family for wellness, peace and tranquility!

Teletherapy Services

During this difficult time, we want to assure you we are here to provide the same quality and comprehensive services we provided in the office setting. This page will answer questions about how the process works and how we are continuing to provide the same quality services.

You may be experiencing difficulty with navigating through this stressful time and learning how to redefine your "new norm". We want to assure you we are here to provide support and help you to learn strategies to assist you in coping with the challenges you may be experiencing either due to changes as a result of the pandemic or life circumstances. 

  • Are you or your child feeling stressed and anxious about uncertainty of the future? 
  • Are you or your child feeling depressed or has your depression worsened during this isolation period? 
  • Are you or your child  struggling with an increase in compulsive behaviors, due to fear of germs? 
  • Is your child having difficulty completing schoolwork because they lack the structure of a school setting?
  • Is your child struggling with lack of socialization, due to being isolated?
  • Are you experiencing more conflict at home, due to stress related to being home all day with one another and experiencing multiple changes?
  • Are you or your child having difficulty adjusting to significant changes in your life?
  • Is your child experiencing grief over not being able to celebrate significant milestones (i.e. graduation, prom, etc.)?

Our providers are continuing to address goals for treatment in the same manner as we had prior to the pandemic. Providers continue to utilize assessment measures to track your mood and progress in treatment. They also continue to utilize an active approach that focuses on teaching you strategies.  Here are some ways we are continuing to provide the same quality services:

  • HIPAA compliant e-mailing or mailing therapeutic worksheets to be utilized during sessions that focus on needs.
  • Engaging in relaxation exercises (i.e. yoga, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing) during video sessions.
  • Using favorite stuffed animals to conduct puppet shows to work on social skills. 
  • Utilizing their naturalistic setting to assist them with reframing thoughts related to fears they experience at home.
  • Providing support to parents by developing behavior plans, which are then e-mailed via HIPAA compliant platform.

Our HIPPA compliant patient portal has a built in teletherapy option that is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is click on two buttons once you are logged into the portal. You and your provider are able to see and communicate one another throughout the session.  Insurances are currently reimbursing for this service.

Please contact the office at 610-390-4543 if you have additional questions about our teletherapy service.